Demo Reel

This is just a quick demo reel I threw together to display a sampling of my video work. All of the videos included in this reel can be seen on this site.

My other work, such as web and print, is not included in this reel, so please feel free to peruse this site and get a sense of my professional range.
Music: "Airworks" by J Dilla

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About Me

I have production and design experience in every medium imaginable—environmental graphics, print collateral, web, new media marketing, even motion and interactive design.

I have always loved arranging things to be aesthetically pleasing. Though, I appreciate a consideration for the logic and function of a piece, as well as for the form. Whether it be nudging the timing by the frame on a video or tweaking the rag to remove that widow, I am definitely into the details.

I'm a proud Raleigh native, currently living in the downtown area. I went to Enloe High School and graduated from NC State University in 2008 with a bachelor's in graphic design. Since then, well, you can read my résumé for work details.